Hino 700
Hino 700

Accentuate the heavy duty truck; HINO 700 Series hit the class with combination of quality, durability and reliability. Fitted with fuel efficient, it has the ultimate combination of Japanese engineering and builds. HINO 700 Series endow with levels of comfort, safety equipment and lifesaving technologies. It has the best featuring of quality and comfort ability in a heavy duty truck you won’t regret.



Type : Diesel, 4-cy.,vertical 4-cyl. in-line,, overhead valve water cooled, direct Injection Output (kW/rpm): (For Model P11C-UJ) 259kW (350PS) / 2,100rpm Torque (Nm/rpm): (For Model P11C-UJ) 1,460Nm (149kgfm) / 1,100rpm


The cab has resulted from pursuit of the world top level aerodynamic performance. The exterior design combines an attractive, imposing and dominant character of a large vehicle with aerodynamic performance and safety at a higher order and contributes


Hino 700


The tapered leaf springs excellent in the absorption of shocks from the roadway surface are used to reduce cargo bed vibration.

Optimized Cab Space

Better visibility and operability, spacious and quality interior provide drivers the comfort they need.

Cab Accessibility

The first step is now connected directly to the chassis, bringing it closer to ground level. Cabin access is also easier and safer due to new, optimized 3-step pitch. The larger door openings and footsteps allow easy access to enter and exit.

High-functionality Seats

The three-dimensional, body-cradling form and seat suspension from ISRI, a top European name, provides superior seating comfort. The air lumbar support (with two-position backrest) supports the driver’s back comfortably.


Door Impact Beams

High-rigidity door impact beams at the side help to increase driver and passenger safety from a side collision.

Energy-Absorbing Steering Column

In the event of a head-on collision, the bendable, energy-absorbing steering wheel and collapsible tilt/telescope steering column help to absorb some of the impact, providing better protection for the driver.

SRS Airbag (Only for SH1EERG)

The SRS driver airbags are designed to complement the seatbelts to help reduce shocks applied to the head and chest of the driver in the event of a frontal impact collision.

ABS Antilock Braking System

ABS helps the driver maintain control of the vehicle when braking on a slippery surface by selectively controlling the braking force of individual wheel in order to prevent the wheels from locking.

Front Under-run Prevention (FUP)

FUP is provided at the lower front end to prevent the under-running of a passenger car in the event of a head-on collision.


Hino 700


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