Hino 300
Hino 300

Best performance and comfortable truck in the light duty class you can find. HINO 300 Series provide full range of trucks, exclusively fit for every segment in the market. Comes with the combination of power and torque, improved fuel efficiency and an impressive suite of safety features, HINO has the light duty truck that suit your needs.



The newly developed 6-speed wide-ratio transmission (MX06) contributes to less fuel consumption and transportation costs.


The leaf spring suspension offers high durability and flexibility for stability on rough roads.


Model: HKMLHD3 / HKMRHD3 / HKMTJD3 Type: Diesel, 4-cy.,vertical, 4-cyl. in-line, overhead valve, water cooled, direct Injection Output (kW/rpm): 81 (110PS)/ 2,800rpm Torque (Nm/rpm): 284Nm (29.0kgfm)/ 1,800rpm


The frame is both very strong and lightweight


Hino 300

Seat Slide

The seat rails are set on an incline to accommodate your seating position.

Folding Type Automatic Transmission

The shift lever and side lever fold down, making it easy to move around the driver compartment.

LED Meter Panel

The meter cluster features highly visible readouts of necessary vehicle information.

Overhead Console

Greater convenience for documents storage with open section which allows easy access.


Antilock Braking System (ABS)

ABS helps the driver maintain control of the vehicle when braking on a slippery surface by selectively controlling the braking force of individual wheel in order to prevent the wheels from locking.

EGIS Cab (Emergency Guard Impact Safety)

The EGIS Cab Design is one of HINO’S passive safety features, enhancing the rigidity of the cab.

Drum Brake

Equipped with auto brake shoe adjuster to ensure safe and effective braking. It features easy maintenance without compromising on performance.

Tubeless Tyres

Provides good tyre puncture resistance for better safety. Better fuel tyre and lower rolling resistance.


The stabilizer have been lengthened and feature a link bracket, maintaining high effectiveness and stability.

Door Impact Beams S

The side impact beams built into the doors of 300 Series increase the level of protection for driver and passenger in the event of a collision from the side.

Side Mirror

The door-mounted outer mirrors enhance driver’s vision. It features partitioned mirror surfaces encased in an aerodynamic and low-profile shell.

Wide View Pillars

The front pillars are designed to be as narrow as possible to ensure a nearly uninterrupted view, allowing the driver to easily see pedestrians and cyclist, without any compromise in structural integrity.

Energy-Absorbing Steering Wheel and Column

The energy-absorbing steering wheel and column reduce collision force.

Headlamp Leveling Switch

The Headlamp Leveling Switch can be used to adjust the headlamp illumination distance.


Hino 300


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